Keep in touch using LyncMe through the following steps:

  • Creating a card.

  • Send a card.

  • Receive/Save a card.

  • Update your information.

Creating Contact Cards:

  • Click "Create Card".

  • Fill out the title of the card. 

  • Click on "Add field".

  • Select what you want to add.

  • Write your "handle" or link.

  • Click done, and your card is ready.

Sending a card:

  • Click on the share icon.

  • Select the platform.

  • Select the recipient.

  • Send your card. 


Receiving a card:

  • Open the link.

  • Save the card.

  • Send your card back.

Updating your information:

  • Change any piece of your information.

  • It will automatically and instantly update everyone.


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