Keep in touch using LyncMe through the following steps:

  • Creating a card.

  • Send a card.

  • Receive/Save a card.

  • Update your information.

Creating Contact Cards:

  • Click "Create Card".

  • Fill out the title of the card. 

  • Click on "Add field".

  • Select what you want to add.

  • Write your "handle" or link.

  • Click done, and your card is ready.

Sending a card:

  • Click on the share icon.

  • Select the platform.

  • Select the recipient.

  • Send your card. 


Receiving a card:

  • Open the link.

  • Save the card.

  • Send your card back.

Updating your information:

  • Change any piece of your information.

  • It will automatically and instantly update everyone.


Can I search for my friends on LyncMe?

You can connect with all of your contacts by sharing your contact card via the “MyCards” feature. Cards can be shared via; share link

How do I send my cards to my contacts?

You can send your Card to anyone via a share link.

Which apps can I to My Cards?

  • You may add any app or platform which is used to connect with others, including:
    • Business (Websites Links/Apps, Business Emails)
    • Professional Portfolios (LinkedIn, Email, UpWork, Fiverr, and others)
    • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and others)
    • Instant Messaging (including WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber and others)

What will I get notified about?

  • LyncMe will send you push notifications once:
    • When a contact adds you to there lyncme.
    • When a contact sends a card back to you after adding your card.
    • When a contact changes anything in there mycard that was send to you.
If you wish to stop receiving notifications, you may remove them from the Settings.

What’s the difference between LyncMe and my regular contact list?

  • We like to sum it up in 4 ways:
    • Know how to connect with people easily with all the new applications that keep coming out in the digital age.
    • Have updated contact info at all times, without having to request or post a message on your social media!
    • Connect with people quickly, without manually entering people’s phone numbers or taking pictures of business cards.
    • Create digital MyCards that stay consistent and up-to-date with you wherever you go.

Can I see social media post through LyncMe?

You will be able to see your contacts post once you have access to their card, you will get notified of there post on youtube, facebook, instagram, and twitter. Through the feeds screen of the app.

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