• Abdullah Javaid

Digital Connecting in the Post-COVID Era

When push comes to shove, we all realize that it is the simple things in life which matter the most. It has been nearly 4 months since this global pandemic has rocked the world, and so has this new phrase, “social distancing.” It is the first time for many that going outside is no longer a choice accessible to them (and that can really mess with our heads). Yet, in such a fast-paced lifestyle where we constantly are looking to get things done, after all the lock down and self confinement, it may be safe to say that the missing link in everyone’s lives is human connection. Whether that is a simple cup of coffee or enjoying a meal with family & friends, it seems as though what was a part of our daily routine, is now a luxury.

Who would have thought that we would resort to things like this just to get some social interaction:

This is no longer uncommon in today’s world. Video-conferencing apps have seen a record-high in downloads with people all over the world. Take the app Zoom for example; in an article posted in theUK’s Guardian, it was reported that;

Zoom was downloaded 2.13m times around the world on 23 March, the day the lockdown was announced in the UK– up from 56,000 a day two months earlier

The app has been used to host virtual classrooms, religious services, and even birthday parties. Similarly, other apps such as Microsoft Teams have become a staple in many company meetings and collaborative work. Other apps have now jumped into the scene such as HouseParty and WhatsApp Rooms (in collaboration with Facebook Messenger). In an April Press Release provided by MarketWatch;

the video conferencing market witnessed a spike in the month March of this year by recording 62 million downloads of video conferencing applications on the smart devices globally.

It is clear that a trend is developing in our society, a new wave of connecting with each other, even if not by choice, perhaps by necessity.


Now one might argue that “hey, this will all just pass over when things go back to normal”, but will it? We are already seeing changes take place in the very aspects of life we never thought twice about. Businesses are changing the way they conduct themselves, and so are people. Take the example below for instance.

This is not the only example, this is the case with restaurants, barbershops and salons, grocery stores, universities, and the list goes on. And while these may just be limited to businesses or certain temporary fixes, we very well may be embarking on a new type of normalcy, and this includes how we connect with our peers.

We may be looking at a way to connect that is more digital, more versatile, and more remote. Be on the look-out for more apps and fads that come out for having digital social experiences and communication. A new era of possibilities when it comes to our personal and public relationships.

One of the main challenges with all this is change, is not losing sight of what matters most. I think we were all reminded that relationships and personal connections matter more to us than tangible material things. It’s the simple things in life, and in a world that is so fixated on “making things convenient and easy”, we sure do a good job of losing a lot of valuable time. Time to do the simple things, like get in touch with a family member or give gratitude to someone important in your life. The question is, when we all go back to normal (if that day ever comes), will we once again lose sight of the little things, or will we embrace the things that matter most?

Perhaps we’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, stay safe, and please don’t be like this guy:

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