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There is too much clutter in organizing and sharing all your contact information by yourself. LyncMe provides an auto-updating link card system, where you can arrange your data into cards and have them distributed and always automatically updated via links. It is a simple tool that aims to keep everything efficient, in your control, and always up-to-date.




Control Information

Have all your contact information and methods gathered and organized into all-in-one Digital Contact Cards "MyCards".

Share Efficiently

Within two clicks of a button, you can share and save your "MyCards" through automated links making it very efficiently simple to exchange, share, and preserve the contact information.  


Be Up To Date


Your contacts are instantly updated when you change any piece of information that you have given them access to look at and share.

My groups

Categorize groups of contacts through "Groups". Stimulate better collaboration, simplify your views, and streamline your contact circles with this simple feature.


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The main idea of LyncMe came from the issue of two parties not being able to keep in touch after they have connected. To solve this issue, LyncMe was designed and developed as an auto-updating link card system for organizing and sharing all your contact information. At the end of 2020, LyncMe came to fruition after a team effort and hard work of the four founding members who are about to change the way people connect and stay connected.


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